Colouring in Pencils Boxed Set with Ruler
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8 colouring pencils, a ruler and a sharpener in a tidy wooden box. To achieve great cost savings try Indent, minimum 1000 pens. Note - increase time frame before delivery.


pencil boxed set


Each printing job has a setup charge of $66.50 per colour and position.  If the job is a reorder and there are no art changes, the setup cost is $47.50 per colour and position. Generally all pricing is exclusive of GST. If additional artwork and design is required this is charged out at $75.60 per hour. Most simple jobs will not cost more than the $66.50 setup above. The per unit cost varies depending on the pens ordered as follows (excluding GST)


Note - for the Indent Service (printed overseas - allow extra 9 - 12 weeks). See notes at bottom of this page. Minimum 5000.  The 100 - 2500 are printed in NZ with a 10 day turnaround.



Colouring in Boxed Set


Print on box [print on 8 pencils]

Per Colour



$0.76 [$1.52]



$0.76 [$1.52]



$0.76 [$1.52]


$3.06 $0.76 [$1.52]


$2.81 $0.76 [$1.52]
$2.63 $0.38 [$0.79]


Printing and art setup $66.50 per colour and position. Includes first half hour of artwork. Subsequent extra artwork $75.60 per hour


Note - there is no GST on exported product. You are able to pay by Visa or MasterCard.




Colours -

Pencil Box Set

Printing Positions Available

Pencil Pad Print 50mm x 3mm

Box Top (Ruler) Pad Print 50mm x 12mm, Screen or Digital Print 150mm x 12mm

The Cheapest Way to Go

Our indent service is a very effective way of reducing pen costs by buying in bulk. Your pens are made to order and printed or laser engraved in our overseas factories taking advantage of their lower production and printing costs. The pens that we offer an indent service for are indicated under the "Indent Options" heading on each page.

With the indent service you will still receive a proof sheet before production begins. Once this is okayed the order cannot be cancelled for any reason including late delivery.

Indent Service Lead Times

It is very important to remember that we achieve considerable savings by consolidating your order with others and sea freighting them in bulk. The lead time is 9-12 weeks which can be affected by delays in receiving useable artwork and approval of proofs. Also, from time to time we can also experience production or shipping delays that are beyond our control. It is advisable not to rely on indented pens for specific dates or events that are close to the 9 - 12 week lead time.



The rates quoted in this website generally include freight for orders over $300 (plus GST) to main centres and towns excl Rural Delivery.

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