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EPI Plastics New Zealand. Custom Moulding, Molding, Injection & Blow. We make many of our own products, and we can make your products too. We have a large list of clients from around New Zealand for whom we mould products under contract. We can also warehouse your products and dispatch them when necessary. We can hold and maintain customer owned moulds, tools and dies, running the product when ordered or as planned.

However, a note on price.  Product development and manufacture of moulds, tools etc is VERY expensive.  Even the simplest of products cost $5,000.  Our 20 Litre Jerry Can cost EPI $50,000+ to bring to market.

Examples of customer products that we make and have made (just some of the many thousands):

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We prefer orders by email office@epiplastics.co.nz Phone 03 453 5947