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`Below is information and pricing on the various wheels produced by EPI Plastics.



Caster Wheel



Castor manufactured by EPI. Steel axles and pivot. Plastic cover guard. Twin wheels.

Weight 55gms

Wheel diameter 4cm or if include the cover 5cm. Each wheel has a width of 1cm, width of unit (both wheels) 3.5cm, height to top of plastic cover 4.5cm, bottom of wheel to top of pivot 7.5cm.


Small Wheels



38mm x 8mm 

Small polypro wheels - made from old Plunket Baby Seats and similar waste plastic.

This is a popular wheel used by Scouts to make small wooden cars.

Wheel 1002W

Hollow plastic wheel with axle hole (6mm). Stock colours - yellow and black

Size - diameter 200mm, width 100mm, hole 6mm

This is from our Dune Buggy, no longer a stock item.  Sometimes we are out of this spare part.  Please enquire.



Wheels - 10.5cm Diameter


Stock colours are red, yellow and green.

Injection moulded. Very strong.
Diameter 10.5cm, Width 2cm, Axle hole 6mm.


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