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Lockheed Electra Aeroplane (Airplane) our code 2032. Note EPI doesn't sell direct to the public (except promo products) if you can't find the product at your local shop tell them to contact us, or if you are a reseller, retailer, manufacturer, wholesaler please contact us: Profit from our Products!!

One of our latest product to be released (a restoration of an old mould) is the Lockheed Electra Turboprop. Also known as the P 3K Orion Aircraft (modified Electra).  However, it isn't a stock item, but can be manufactured for you, MOQs apply, normally 1000+

Length 25 cm, Width 24 cm, Height 8 cm. Comes assembled (ie isn't really a kitset).

The photos here are of our grey plane, but we don't have any left. We only have light blue. I will run it again in the next few months (I wrote this on 24 July 2007, so may have done so by the time you read this), but as you can imagine it is a big exercise.

This is from one of our cool retro moulds we have in our plastics factory. Made by us in Dunedin NZ. However, it says Made in Australia - we will eventually get this off the mould. So buy local and keep good keen young Kiwis working. Also check out our other products made by EPI plastics.

Interestingly the old Lockheed Electra is still in service around the world but as the Orion (modified electra). The RNZAF operate 6 Orion Maritime Surveillance aircraft (converted Electra). 







The Lockheed Electra Turboprop. Also known as the P 3K Orion.
Pack Size by negotiation
Wholesale Price approximately $9.95 plus GST
Retail $21.69 plus GST ($24.95 incl)
Note this is now not a stock item.

More Information on the New Zealand Airforce P 3K Orion



Aircraft P-3K Orion

Manufacturer Lockheed (USA)
Plant Four Allison T56-A 14 engines, (4,600 shaft horsepower).
Length 36m (117ft)
Wingspan 30.4m (99ft) Height 10.3m (34ft)
Basic weight 30,450kgs (67,000lbs)
Gross weight 54,950kgs (127,500lbs)
Max fuel 27300kgs (60,000lbs)
Cruising speed 630km/h (340kts)
Range approx 7,100km (3,850NM)
Typical performance Radius of action of 1,850km (1,000NM) with 4 hours on station.
Endurance of 15 hrs with two engines shut down to conserve fuel.

Crew Normally 11 comprising of two pilots, two flight engineers, two navigators (including tactical co-ordinator), one air electronics officer and three air electronics operators,one air ordanceman. Can carry a maximum of 20 personnel including crew.

Fleet History

The RNZAF currently operates six P-3K Orions.

It took delivery of five P-3B Orions in 1966 (NZ4201 - NZ4205). In 1985 an ex-RAAF P-3B was purchased (NZ4206)

All six Orions were upgraded (avionics and radio systems) under project RIGEL in the early 1980s. Following the upgrade the designation P-3K has been applied to these aircraft.


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