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Below is a list and description of most of our Garden Products. We manufacture large and small watering cans, weathervanes, pot planters, herb and strawberry gardens, buckets, containers, assorted trays and containers. We also wholesale a large variety of other manufacturers products and can sell these to you at discounted prices.  EPI Plastics is also one of New Zealand's largest manufacturers of bottles and jerry cans. 

EPI Plastics is a manufacture and doesn't sell directly to the public.  However, you should be able to buy our products from any good garden centre, Hammer Hardware, Mitre 10, Airport Garden Centre, Bay Nurseries, Caroty Limited, Golden Bay Garden Centre, Greymouth Nurseries, Kings Plant Barn, Nichols Garden Centres, Oderings, Palmers, Terra Viva Home & Garden, Touchstone Garden Centre and many more.  If they don't have our product ask them to contact us and we'll send it to them for you.  Our contact details are at the bottom of this page and you can pass these on to them. 

Herb and Strawberry Planter







Volume approx 30L
Herb and Strawberry Planter Garden
EPI Code 7165

Pack size 6
Normally sold in mixed pack of terracotta and green.
Pack cube 0.4m3
Pack weight 7kg

Should be available from all good garden retailers
More Information Click Here

Weather Vane

Unassembled Size 42cm Height 45cm

Weathervane for sale.

Weather Vane
EPI Code 9191

Great for top of house. Points in the direction of the wind. High quality and easy to assemble.

Sold in nice gift box/case

Pack size 5

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Indoor Watering Can







Indoor Small Watering Can EPI Code 7103
Pack Size 12
Pack Cube 0.03m3
Pack Weight 1.5kg

Note this is not a stock item.  In our back catalogue.  We can run this but would need an order of 1000+. Please contact us.

6L Watering Can







6 litre Large Watering Can
EPI Code 7167

Pack Size 12 - Usuallly sold in a box of green and black.  Includes the rose (although these can be purchased separately too).

Box Cube 0.2 m3

Seperate Rose for Watering Can




Watering Can Roses - when sold separately
EPI Code 7168
Fits our 7167 watering can.
Pack Size 12


Width top 29cm
Bottom 19cm
Height 24cm
Volume 8Litre
Eco Bucket 100% Recycled Deluxe Plastic Bucket 8 litre EPI Code 7100

100% recycled plastic using our advanced and commercially secret recycling technology.
Pack Size 20, 40 (also available by the pallet of 576 buckets).


5L Eco Bucket with Spout

5 litre 100% Recycled Plastic Bucket with spout "The Earth Bucket"

EPI Code 7200
Using the same advanced and commercially secret plastic recycling technology with the added bonus of a pouring spout.
Pack Size - 20 or 40

Lid for 8L Eco Bucket

Width 29cm
Lid for the 8 litre Eco Deluxe Bucket.
EPI Code 7300
An extra for the Eco Deluxe Bucket. 100% recycled plastic using our advanced and commercially secret recycling technology. Further enhances the bucket making it a premium product.

Plastic Spade

Plastic Spade
EPI Code 2017
Great for the sandpit too.  Often not a stock item. Please enquire.



Small Round Basket or Bulb Planter
EPI Code 7105

A very small clothes basket-like container.


Super Storer in Terracotta

Super Storer 30 Litre
EPI Code 7164

Great for medium size rubbish bin, or other storage. Foodgrade.  Includes lid.
Pack Size 6
Pack Cube 0.26m3
Pack Weight 7kg
Available in terracotta and green.

Post Cap/Planter 85mm

Post Cap/Planter Saucer

EPI Code 7029

Post Caps are used in the horticulture industry to stop netting catching on posts.

Diameter 85mm

Available in a large variety of colours including planter green.

Large Post Cap/Planter 210mm

Post Cap/Planter Saucer

EPI Code 7031

Diameter 210mm

Available in a large variety of colours including planter green.

Medium Post Cap/Planter 145mm

Post Cap/Planter Saucer

EPI Code EPI Code 7030

Diameter 145mm

Available in a large variety of colours including planter green.

Small Banded Planter

Small Banded Planter

EPI Code 7166


Pack size 12

Available in green, terracotta and black

Small Diameter Planter

Planter, Small Diameter  62mm

EPI Code 7169


Avaialable in dark green only.


Copyright Passion Plastics EPI Limited. Managing Director: Norman Wood Street Address: 225 Kaikorai Valley Road, Dunedin. Postal  Address: PO Box 310, Dunedin, New Zealand

We prefer orders by email Phone 03 453 5947  

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