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These are a fantastic way of planting lots of herbs and strawberries but not using much space. They are for sale at all good garden centres. Comes with instructions plus there are instructional videos available online (like here further down the page).  Available in two choices of colour, both very popular: terracotta and planter green. The planters are not available directly from EPI but can be purchased from great retailers, DIY, garden centes or from online retailers.  If you are a wholesaler, garden centre etc and would like to resell this product please contact us at office@epiplastics.co.nz Remember buy Kiwi Made.

Planting Instructions


Click here for a pdf of the instructions on how to plant the Herb and Strawberry Planter, or further down the page there are instructions and a video.



This page will contain information on the strawberry and herb planter manufactured by EPI Plastics in Dunedin New Zealand. There are photographs and videos of excellent planted gardens hints and tips. EPI plastic manufacturing produces a large range of other products too, for example, jerry cans, bottles, containers, toys, homewares.  Also, the managing director of the company, Norman Wood, is a keen gardener. This page has many photographs of the strawberry and herb gardens planted by Norman. 

The picture to the right shows Barry making one of the planters in our plastic blow moulding machines.  They then go to another area of our factory where the holes are drilled and trimmed and they get packed up for dispatch.


Large trucks then arrive and they are distributed all around the country to DIY, garden centres etc.  At the bottom of this page we list where we have distributed them over the last year.


You can't buy them directly from EPI but can from one of these excellent retailers or from online retailers such as trademe.


Planting Instructions


1. Place approximately 40mm of corse material (straw, small twigs, garden waste or gravel) at the bottom of the planter to help with drainage.


2. Roll up a newspaper.  If you have a broadsheet roll it up along the shorter edge (if you do it along the long edge it will stick up above the top).  You may need to use a little tape to hold it together.  Place this in the middle of the planter holding it in place with some dirt in the bottom.  This will act as a central drainage core allowing water to easily penetrate to the bottom of the planter.


2. Build up the Garden with good quality potting mix or compost above the first holes patting down firmly as you go.


3. Remove your herb and strawberry plants from there seedling trays or planter pots.  Dig out enough dirt from the hole you will be planting into.  Gently insert the herb or strawberry plant.


4. Once the plant is in place add extra dirt and pat firmly down so.  Repeat the process of digging out the hole, inserting the desired plant and work your way to the top adding extra dirt as you go.


5. Give the planter a very good thorough watering.  Make sure that it is well watered all the time either form rain fall or one of our excellent watering cans.



As featured in the Weekend Gardener


 Click on the image above to see a pdf of the cover and article


Where to buy them.


EPI Plastics is a manufacture and doesn't sell directly to the public.  However, you should be able to buy it from any good garden centre and DIY and home improvement stores.  Over the last year we have dispatched them to a variety of  Hammer Hardware and Mitre 10 stores, Airport Garden Centre, Bay Nurseries, Blueskin Nurseries, Caroty Limited, E Hayes and Sons, Golden Bay Garden Centre, Greymouth Nurseries, House and Garden Limited, Kings Plant Barn, Nichols Garden Centres, Oderings, Palmers, a variety of Plastic Box and Storage Box stores, Portstone  Garden Centre, Terra Nova,Touchstone Garden Centre and other similar stores.  If they don't have one ask them to contact us and we'll send it to them for you.  Our contact details are at the bottom of this page and you can pass these on to them.



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