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EPI Plastics New Zealand are manufacturers and distributors of a wide range of caps. Including Tops, Tamper Evident Caps, Tap Caps, Closures, Components, Plasterers Caps, 58mm Jerry Cans, Sprayers, Triggers, Child Resistant and Proof Caps, Pumps, Bungs (20mm, 24mm, 28mm, 38mm 400, 410 and 415) and Injection & Blow Moulding Plastic Wheels.


Below is a list and description of most of our taps, caps product range.  Note all prices exclude GST.  The products below are listed in the bottle or jerry can neck size that the closure is associated with eg 20mm, 38mm or 58mm


Cap - 58mm 20 Litre Jerry Can Black Cap.



This is the bung tap that fits in the bottom of our 20L Jerry Can.


Jerry Can 20L 58mm Cap and Bung Spanner



Excellent for tightening 58mm caps or getting them off.  Also useful for the bung at the bottom.


Tap Length




Height tap up including "straw" tube


Tap Cap - 20 litre Jerry Can
Extra caps if sold separately. Advanced aeroflow design that allows air in and similtaneous liquid out.


58mm Cap for 20 Litre Jerry Cans 9992


Usually sold in boxes of 460, but we can sell less. Available in a variety of colours.  Generally we keep black, yellow, red, green, blue and orange in stock.  We can supply other colours but a the minimum purchase is 460 and lead times apply.

10L and 20L jerrycan cap colours

58mm jerrycan cap spout 58mm Ezi Pour Spout for our (and other popular) 10L and 20L Jerrycans. EPI Code 9997

For our 10L & 20L jerrycans (and other popular brands). Includes a dustcap and washer/gaskets to prevent leaks. Approx 220mm in height. Includes an internal rubber washer gasket to prevent leaks. Allows air in and liquid out.

bottom of spout
Cap Tap assembly

58mm Bung Cap Tap Assembly

EPI Code 9996BCTA

An economical alternative to our other tap cap (see below). Fits our 10L and 20L (and many other popular brands). Tap can also screw into the bottom of the can. Very versatile.

58mm Cap with 3/4" BSP Thread Bung Fitted.

EPI Code 9992BCA

Red cap with black prefitted bung. Screws on top of our (and many others) 10L and 20L jerrycans.
Washer 58mm Cap Washer / Gasket for 10L and 20L, EPI Code 9992WASH

Our 58mm caps are prefitted with this rubber washer to prevent leaks. However, you are able to buy more to replace any you may have lost.

cap variety

58mm Cap for 10L and 20 Litre Jerry Cans 9992 Other Colours


Usually sold in boxes of 460, but we can sell less. Other colours avaialble MOQ 460 and lead times apply.

Bung - 20 Litre Jerry Can, BSP Thread 3/4"



For the bottom of a 20L Jerry Can Cube 9996 


Child Resistant Cap for 38mm 410 Bottles.


Child resistant cap for poison bottle


38mm inside



38mm 410 Cone Seal Cap
Extra caps if sold separately.
Huge variety of stock colours manufactured by us

silver capred capgreen capyellow cap
blue capblack cap

Width Inside


Width Outside




38mm 400 Tamper Evident Cap
Ex separately.
Huge variety of stock colours manufactured by us.

Trigger Foam T9500

Trigger Sprayer Foam for 28mm 410 Bottle

Cream 300ml and FM 500ml Tamper Evident Cap



Trigger Sprayer Mist for 28mm 410 Bottle White/White Std


28mm Cone Seal Cap

28mm 410 White Conseal

EPI Code 1803

20MMSNIPCAP 20mm sniptip cap


For bottles.  Snip the end off which then forms a hole so that product can be dispensed.

38mm 410 Cap from EPI Plastics

38mm 410 White TE Conseal

EPI Code 1809

This cap is for our 4L and 5L jerrycans and 2L standard bottles.

Available in white, black, red and blue.

Cap Code Bottle Code/s
1801 6403 1 Litre Standard
1802 1423
1803 4071, 3072
6402, 1229, 6127, 6403
4607C 4607
9991 9996N, 9990, 9910N
9992 9996N, 9990, 9910N
9994 9996N, 9990, 9910N
9995 9996N, 9990, 9910N
9996TB 9996N, 9910N


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