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Promotional Pens, Pencils and Highlighters From EPI Promotional Products Sorted Alphabetical

Contact Details: 225 Kaikorai Valley Road, Dunedin.

Postal: PO Box 310, Dunedin, NZ.

Phone 03 453 5947

email us at office@epiplastics.co.nz

Below are photographs and a brief description of pens you can source from EPI Promotional Products.  If you want more information on a particular pen just click on the flashing more information button. All pricing on our website is excluding GST (15%), zero rated for NZ tax if exported. If you want to go back to our Company Home Page click here | Other Promotional Products | The Fine Print - More Information about EPI Printed Pens and our Terms and Conditions of Trade |

See an even bigger range of pens that we can get and have printed for you.  From our www.trendscollection.co.nz

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Please note the pricing below is indicative, and can change at any time.  Please ask for a quote.


Ace Pen Ace Pen, Massive 144 Colour combinations. Code 105585. 94c plus GST. (note all prices excl GST). Click here to see details
Acrylic Pen Presentation Box. PT6038. Excludes pen purchased separately... $1.49
Click on Alien Pen to see more details Alien Pen. Metal and plastic retractable metal ball pen with a highly polished UV lacquer finish. EPI Code 106158. $1.27 plus GST (note all prices excl GST)
Click here to see details on the Alien Pen
Android small Android Pen. Code 105186. Brass Barrel rubber Grip. $3.03 Button
Andromeda, Code 5253, Carbon Fibre. $14.63
Amazon, Code 104350, Metal. $2.08
Click on Aria Pen to see more details
Aria Pen, Code 106162, retractable aluminium ball pen. Laser engraves to an oxidised white, stylish cross pattern. $1.87 plus GST.
Click on the image to see details of Aria Pen
Arizona, Code 104354, $1.89
Athena, Code 104352, $1.07
Atlantis Pen, Code 5254, Metal. $3.60
B-52 Pen B-52 Pen, Code 105279, Plastic with metallic finish barrel and soft rubber accents. $1.33 Botton
Banner Pen Banner Pen, with the largest print area: on the pull out flag. Great for trade shows and product launches. Indent only with increased turnaround times. Code WBP. 90c or cheaper.
Bermuda Pen

Bermuda Pen, comes with handy stylus for use on touch screens. Metal pen. Code 106159. $2.91.

Click the Button
Bio Pen. Code 104356, 88c
Click here to see details on the Blossom highligher pen.
Blossom Pen and highlighter all in one. Code 106156. $1.03
click here to see details of the Blossom pen

Boston Pen Display Box. Pen sold separately. PT6046. $5.69

Canyon. Code PT6004. Plastic and Metal.  $1.58
Carabineer Pen. Can be attached to a lanyard. Code PT6034. $1.07
Cardboard Pen Presentation Box. Pen sold separately. Code PT6040. $1.60
Carpenters Pencil. Wooden. Red, natural, yellow, orange, green, blue or black. Code 5044. 56c
Click here for details Cayman aluminium pen. Code 105574. $2.00 Click here for details
Cleo Pen Cleo Pen. Huge variety of colours. Economically priced 53c or less. Our cheapest pen!! (also see Tabloid Pen). Code 107060
Clip Pencil, 5067. Plastic. 37c
Colouring In Pencils Boxed Set Colouring In Pencils Boxed Set. Box with ruler lid and pencil sharpener. Ruler Lid and pencils can all be printed. EPI Code WCBS. $3.61 or less.
Boxed Set Colouring In half size Pencil Set. The box and/or the pencils can be printed. EPI Code WHPC. $1.07 or cheaper.
Corona Pen details click here Corona Pen, Plastic and Metal. Code 105576. Metal. $1.07 Button
Dart Pen. Code 5260. Plastic. Mix and match colour of barrel and clip. 65c
Daytona Pen. Code 104330, $2.15
Deluxe Pen Display Box. Pen sold separately. Code PT6041.  $3.33
Diplomat Pen. Metal. Code PT6029. $3.79
Click here to see details on the Disco full colour wrap pen.
Disco 360 Pen. Wow full colour wrap around print. Code 106091, $1.36 or less. Indent only.
Dolphin Pen. Code 101924, 75c
Duo. Pen with Highlighter. Code PT6023. $1.24
Eclipse. Metal. PT5009. $3.48
Bamboo Pen E-Bam Bamboo natural bio degradable pen. Code EBAM, $1.69 or less.
Eco Pen. Code 104358, 84c
Eco Pen & Highlighter. Code 104360, $1.03
Click here to see more info about electron pen
Electron Pen. Plastic pen with metal trip, rubber grip. Economical. Code 106480. 96c or cheaper.

Flag Pen. The pen with the world's largest print area. Large pull out banner. Code PT6005. $1.01 Min 1000.

Focus Pen Small Picture Focus Pen with Resin Dome on Clip. Code 105588, $1.43 Button
Galaxy. Anodised aluminium grip. Code PT6020. $1.07 
Geneva. Sleek modern. Eye catching clip. Code 5243. $3.42
Gel Highlighter Gel Highlighter Pen Set. Three gel highlighters in a nice plastic box. Both the highlighters and the box can be printed. EPI Code WGHS. $3.12 or less.
HB Pencil No Eraser HB Pencil No Eraser. EPI Code WPNE. 39c or Less. Button
HB Pencil 5293. 42c or Less.
Hilton. Plastic and metal, co-moulded grip. Code PT5077. 99c.
Hollywood Pen Hollywood Plastic Pen with Metal Trim. Code 105587, 94c button
Jedi Pen
Jedi Pen. Huge range of colour mix and match options available. EPI Code 106153 or for frosty 106154. 70c or less.
Jet Pen. Huge variety of colours, includes the Trans Jet variety. Code 104262, 65c
Liquid Highlighter Liquid Highlighter Boxed Set of 4. EPI Code WLHS. $7.51 or less. 
Click here to go to liquid highlighter
Madison, metal and rubber. Code 5307. $5.12
Magnetic Fridge pen details Magnetic Fridge Pen. House shaped pen available too. Great for the filing cabinet or fridge, code 5124. $1.43 button
Manhattan Pen Picture Manhattan Pen. Carbon Fibre. Code 105578. $12.73 button
Martini Pen Martini Pen. Aluminium. Code 105575. $2.08 Button
Matrix. Sensational large style ball pen. Huge print area. Code 5248. 82c
Matrix Metallic. Highly fashionable metallic finishes. Code 5278. 86c
Click here for more details on the matrix 360 pen
Matrix 360  Pen. Wow full colour wrap around print. Code 106091, $1.36 or less. Indent only. Button
Mini Highlighter. Highlight your company. Code 5289.  Conveniently small so is likely to be taken with people. 73c
Mini Pencil. Very economical. Code 5045. 35c
Mistral Pen Mistral Pen. Plastic and Metal. Code 105581. 80c Button
Modas Pen
Mondas Pen with a stylus to use on touch screen devices like iPads. EPI Code 107063. $2.52 or less
Moritz Pen contoured soft grip with stunning silver trim. Code 5240, $3.60
Multi Pen. Code 104422, 84c
Neck Pen Neck Pen, clear plastic pen with clear holder and lanyard. Ideal for conferences and tradeshows, two great areas to print your brand or message. EPI Code WNP, $94c or cheaper.
Neo Pen. Co-moulded, white and translucent plastic. PT6013. 92c Button
New Avenger Pen Click here for details New Avenger Pen. Rubber Grip, can be full colour printed, code 105261. 94c click here
New Avenger Pen Click here for details
Nova Pen. Lovely metallic silver pen, with chrome button and clip, frosted coloured rubber grip. EPI Code 105264. 76c or cheaper.
click here
Ozone Pen Ozone Pen. Anodised Aluminium. Code 105254, $1.89 Button
Panama Pen. Code 104662, $2.08 Button
Pen Tube. Presentation Option. PT6039. Pen sold separately. Comes with silver box. $2.27 Button
Recycled Newspaper Pencil Pencil made from recycled newspapers. EPI Code WRPP. 45c or cheaper.
Pixel Stylus Pen. Metal and plastic pen, with chrome clip and button. Useful stylus for touch screens eg iPads. EPI Code 106157. $1.27 or less.
Predator. Code 5290. With a NZ Design registration! so don't go copying it. Big and Bold. $1.05 Predator
President Pen President Rolling Ball. Highest quality. For that special person. Code 5309. $11.97 Click Button
Click on the pen to see details about the proton pen
Proton Pen with great metallic finish and colour styling. EPI Code 106155. 96c or less.
Click on the pen to see details about the puzzle pen Puzzle Pen. Metal ball game inside clear plastic pen. EPI Code WPUZ. 76c or less.
Click on the pen to see details about the proton pen
QR Pen. Has a great square clip ideal for QR codes. EPI Code 106089. $1.05 or cheaper.
Reflex Pen Reflex Pen. Metal and Plastic. Code 105262, 75c Button
Rio Pen. Code 104332, $2.04
Regatta Pen Regatta Metal Pen. Mix and Match with 144 Colour Combinations. Code 105586, $2.08 Button
Remington Pen Remington Pump Action Metal Pen. Code 105577, $6.84 button
Rockford Pen Presentation Gift Box. Pen sold separately. Code PT6043. $4.11 Click Button
Rugby Ball Pen. Code 104366, $1.41 Click Button
Salsa Pen Salsa Pen, Plastic Pen, Great Printing Options, Code 105580 69c Button
Seville Pen. Code 101916, $3.75 Click Button
22k Gold Plated Pen Sheaffer Logo 22k Gold Plated. Our most expensive and luxury pen. Includes a gift box. EPI Code G21103. $214.70 or less. Click Button
Chrome 22k Gold Plated Trim  Pen Sheaffer LogoChrome with 22k Gold Plated trim. One of our most expensive and luxury pen. Includes a gift box. EPI Code G21183. $95.99 or less. Click Button
Chrome 22k Gold Plated Trim  Pen Sheaffer LogoBrushed chrome. Four colour choices, blue, red, chrome, black. One of our most expensive pens. Includes gift box. EPI Code G22235. $38.51 or less.
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Show Pen Show Pen for tradeshows and conferences. Handy lanyard and pen that detaches for handy use. WSH. 88c or cheaper.
Click Button
Spark Pen Spark Pen. Plastic pen with metal trim plus LED pen light. Code 105579, $1.32 Button
Spark Pen Spark Pen with Stylus for working on a smart device screen such as an iPad.  Also has an LED light. EPI Code WSP. $3.61 or cheaper. Beautiful premium pen.
Spartan Pen Spartan Shiney Chrone Pen with Stylus for working on a smart device screen such as an iPad. EPI Code WSPA, $1.76 or cheaper.
Spectrum. Huge range of colours, economical. Code 5234.75c
Sprite Coloured. PT6011. Reliable low cost pen with rubber grip. 55c
Sprite White. PT6010. Reliable low cost pen with rubber grip. 55c
Sprite Stylus Pen
Sprite Stylus Pen. Very economical stylus pen for use with touch screens for eg iPad. Code 107062. 76c or cheaper.
Star. Economical plastic pen. Code 5297. 69c
Click here for steel pen details.
Steel Pen. Nice shiny silver pen. EPI Code 106160. $2.32 or less.

Super Hit. Huge variety of 121 colour combinations. Code PT6007. 66c

Super Hit Frosty. Huge variety of 88 colour combinations. Code PT6052. 66c

Super Nova Super Nova Pen. Brass, 105260, $2.27 Button
Supreme Pen
Supreme Pen, higher price higher quality. EPI Code 107045. $5.75
Symphony Pen. Hugh Colour Range, 104356, $2.06
Tabloid Pen Tabloid Pen. One of our cheapest pens. Has good print options including the clip and a special tab. 53c or cheaper. Code WTAB.
Task Vernier Pen The Task Pen with vernier. Silver plastic. EPI Code WTA. 88c or cheaper.
Tech Stylus Pen Tech Stylus Pen great to be used as a pointing stylus on touch screens such as iPads. 107061. $1.01 or less
Toronto Pen Presentation Gift Box. Pen sold separately, can be dome labelled.  PT6045. $5.69

Tristar Pen. Rectangular aluminium pen. 106161. $2.15 or less.

Turbo Mix and Match. Ergonomic grip. Nice Price. Code 5226. $2.80
Turbo. Brass. Ergonomic grip. Nice Price. Code 5226. $2.80
Valencia Metal Pen. Standard 5305 $4.31, Shiney Gold 5306 - $4.55
Velvet Pen Sleeve. Black, Green, Red, Blue. Pen sold separately. PT6037. 38c
Verona pen click here for details Verona Pen. Aluminium with pattern. Code 105573, $2.08 button
Victory Pen. Code 101860, 75c
Vista Pen. Code 104364, 60c   
Vistro Pen
Vistro (106094) and Trans Vistro Pen (106093). Huge variety to choose from. Plastic with metallic finish. 74c or less.
Vistro Pen details
Vivid Marker with Box Cutter VistroVivid Felt Tip Marker Pen and Box Cutter all in one! That's handy and will be an excellent gift. Code WVBC. $1.46 or less.
Vivid Box Cutter Pen details
Vulcan Pen
Vulcan Pen. Plastic and Metal trim pen. 105947. 88c or less.
Vistro Pen details
Wave Pen. Brass, rubber and chrome. Code PT6027. $4.36
Wedge Pen Display Gift Box. Pen sold separately. PT6044. $1.32
Windsor Pen Display Gift Box. Holds any pen. Pen sold separately. PT6051. $4.55
Zurich Pen
Zurich Pen. Plastic and metal pen. 105589. 96c or less.


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