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Dangerous Goods Jerrycan UN DG Bung Side
United National Dangerous Goods 20L Jerry Can Side Profile
EPI Plastics now has a UN DG certified container to carry Dangerous Goods.

Code and stock colours: 9996DG for natural/opaque. More colours will be available - please let us know what you would like.

Very similar shape to our Foodgrade 20L jerrycan, but using a special DG plastic and moulding techniques.

Includes the 58mm TE (tamper evident) cap and bung (BSP thread).
Calibrated on the side.

Independently certified to carry Dangerous Goods (UNDG) . Its official designation is UN3H1/Y1.2/150/15/NZ/


It is certified to carry packaging groups II and III, classifications 3.1B, 3.1C, 3.1D, 5.1, 6, 8, 9

Download the UN DG Packaging Design Test Certificate from HazTec Certification & Consultancy

20L Cube Jerry Can UN DG Packaging Groups II and III
UNDG 20 Litre Cube Jerrycan Top
225ml Bottle
225ml Cylinder Bottle

A brand new bottle from EPI Plastics.  225ml, with a 24mm cap.
Available in natural, pack size 180 (MOQ).

Height 155mm (top of cap)
Diameter 48mm

An exciting new product to our already large range of bottles and jerrycans that we manufacture.

Bottles and Jerry Cans

Bottles and Jerry Cans including UN DG 20L Jerrycan

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6 Bottle Clip
Click image for bigger photo. Click here for more info.
Bottle Clip 6 Pack

We already product a bottle clip to hold 4 bottles of beer or RTDs.  We got so many requests for a 6 bottle clip holder that we've produced one for you. Pack size 1000.

Bottles in 6 Clip
Bottle Clip 4 Pack
Key Cap
Don't forget our other great products for the alcohol industry.
The 4 pack bottle clip and our beer kegs.  Also, we sell a tremendous number of jerrycans as well.

Keg Caps all colours
225ml Bottle
225ml Cylinder Bottle

A brand new bottle from EPI Plastics.  225ml, with a 24mm cap.
Available in natural, pack size 180 (MOQ).

Height 155mm (top of cap)
Diameter 48mm

An exciting new product to our already large range of bottles and jerrycans that we manufacture.


FSP HACCP Food Safety Cerificat Telarc 2015
In June of 2018 EPI Plastic's (owned by Passion Plastic EPI Ltd) Food safety system was reassessed by Telarc New Zealand. Our documented and implemented programme meets the codex alimentarius (of the UN) requirements for food safety, relevant sections of the food standards code and good manufacturing practices. 

Food Contact Safe FDA Foodgrade Certificate
At EPI Plastics we only use FDA approved Food Contact Safe Plastic for the manufacture of our bottles, jars, jerrycans and other food containers and products.

To the left is the technical information on the plastic that we use indicating that it complies with US FDA 21 CFR 177.1520.

Verification NZ Logo
QCONZ Quality Consultants of New Zealand Logo
EPI Plastics staff had training provided by AssureQuality, consulting help from QCONZ (Quality Consultants of NZ) in the preparation of the programme.  The subsequent programme and implementation was approved by Verification NZ.

Last Drop Bottle

Manufactured by EPI Plastics in New Zealand. This amazing bottle eliminates the annoying "dry firing" from a near empty bottle, you'll get that last drop out.
EPI Code LASTDN (Natural)
LASTDPG (Planter Green)
58mm Bung Cap Tap Assembly

For our 10L & 20L (and other popular brands). The tap can also be interchanged and with the bung at the bottom. Very versatile.
EPI Code 9996BCTA
58mm Ezi Pour Spout

For our 10L & 20L jerrycans (and other popular brands). Includes a dust cap and washer/gaskets to prevent leaks. Approx 220mm in height.
EPI Code 9997

Other New 58mm Caps

Our 10L and 20L jerrycans come black caps. Extra colours are red, yellow, green, orange and blue.
Also we now have BSP thread bung cap.



EPI Plastics makes a large number of FDA approved foodgrade plastic  containers in our factory with an audited HACCP based food safety programme.  Our 20 Litre Cube Jerrycan is most suitable for Emergency Water as it is about the right size for the amount of water required for one person to get thru a disaster.


Tap Available too.


Where can you get them from?

These jerrycans that are excellent for emergency water are available from Mitre 10, Storage Box, Plastic Box, Payless Plastics, Hammer Hardware, New Zealand wide, survival supply companies, Bunnings Christchurch.  If you want to become a reseller of these containers please contact us at EPI Plastics as we do not sell direct to the public.

Information about what water to put in the containers, how long it should be stored and how to disinfect the water is contained in our ebook. Click on the image to the right.

Emergency Water Information

Click on the image of the ebook below to get all the information you need about emergency water.



New Product - 10 Litre Cube Jerry Can by EPI Plastics

This is the new 10 Litre Jerry Can by EPI Plastics. It is now in full production. 


Tap Available too.


This is a stacking cube shape. Calibrated. TE (tamper evident) 58mm cap. Plus comes with a bung at the bottom. At present it is going through the DG (dangerous goods) UN certification process.


Cube Codes:

9910 Natural

9910B Black

9910W White

9910BLU Blue

All great for emergency water.

Blue and Green colours are not stock colours, minimum special run size applies of 240 to get access to these. Set up fees apply.

Packed in a box of 12.  Box measures 690mmL x 630mmH x 80mmW


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EPI Plastics manufactures products using injection and blow moulding in Dunedin New Zealand for clients all around the world. Products we make include bottles, jerry cans, jars, toys, air-tight containers, pottles, caps, lids, jugs, plasterers caps, promotional products, printing, advertising material, key rings and tags, pens, trays, plates, cups, tumblers, bowls, baskets, funnels, honey containers, kitchen products, buckets, toilet trainers and bathroom products, drink bottles, watering cans and gardening products. We are also a large manufacturer and distributor of promotional products.  

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Do you want to become a reseller (wholesaler or retailer) of our products.  Are you interested in getting access to our wholesale rates.  We are keen to help you.  If you would like to complete a credit application, download it here and send to epi plastics (phone, fax - numbers at bottom of the page or email it back. Please note EPI Plastics does not sell to the public (except promo products) we only sell to retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers, resellers and the like.

Special Colours

We carry stock colours. However, we can also mould most colours for you. There may be an extra charge for this. The panel above contains just a few colours of the many thousands available.

Stock Items


This website largely contains products for which we own the moulds and intellectual property rights. As such we hold large stocks and can deliver fast to you. If your order is particularly large or for reasons beyond our control we can programme production and dispatch fast.


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