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Plasterers Caps and Spacers used in reinforcing of Solid Plastering and Stucco.

The picture to the left shows the plasterers caps on a residential building in a new subdivision in Dunedin just before the netting is applied. They are fixed approximately 300mm apart.

Please read below to find out more about this exciting tried and true product by EPI Plastics.

The EPI Plastics Plasterers Cap (or Spacer)

Many buildings have an exterior which is covered with a concrete, or plaster finish, often called Stucco.  Such a method of cladding has become increasingly popular.

The concrete needs to be reinforced with wire netting.  The wire netting needs to be spaced away from the backing board to allow the mesh to be properly embedded into the plaster coat within a 6mm to 9mm range.

Good Practice Guide Stucco, BRANZ (2004) states that performance requirements of the New Zealand Building Standards and Alternative Solutions (NZS 4251) lists acceptable means of spacing (amongst others) as proprietary plastic spacers.

In Good Stucco Practice, BRANZ (1996) it is stated in section 6.2.4 that BRANZ recommends the use of purpose-made plastic spacers at least 6mm and no more than 9mm in depth, and approximately 25mm in diameter.

EPI plastic makes the little plastic spacers known as Plasterers Caps (Spacers). 

Specifics of the EPI Plasterers Caps

Bags of 1000

Each cap is 7mm deep with a diameter of 38mm.

Material - Plastic

Preformed with a hole to allow easy nailing.










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